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Moon Portal Transmissions

We specialise in the Dark Side... in a good way. Harnessing all that is hidden, subtle and feminine energy of the cosmos; distilled into thoughtful designs with depth - perfect for all of your nightly activities or the days you feel the need to go ~within~ with some blissful mediation or just a good old chill out.

All of our items are made to order from the day of your purchase, it is then sent to manufacturing, which can take up to 7 business days. The item is then shipped to your door free of charge; within 15 business days. Due to the large cost of stocking 100s of items in many sizes this is the best way to offer such a variety and often in sizes like XXS and 5XL in some items.

Due to our process, if you're planning on buying items for specific dates, e.g. Festivals, Birthdays, Christmas - Please leave a good 1 calendar month before making an order. If you require items in a pressing manner, please contact us on our Contact page and we can arrange a DHL express shipment at an extra cost.

May your days and nights be Peaceful!



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